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Follow Line
How would it be possible to use artificial intelligence in traffic? This team proposes to use a sensor that makes a robot to follow the line.
EV3 Programming
This video shows that EV3 is a smart device that can detect an obstacle and react accordingly.
LEGO Mindstorm – Introduction
This tutorial shows that young students can be instructors of quite complicated robotics activities.
How to program a heart that beats with Micro:bit
In this tutorial you will learn how to use Micro:bit and Scratch 3.0 to develop software that simulates a beating heart.
Conducting exercises with MakeyMakey
In this tutorial you can learn how to program MakeyMakey with Scratch 3.0 to exploit the electrical conductivity of the human body and start a small software.
Robotics and Math
This tutorial video shows how meaningful play can facilitate the process of understanding complex mathematical concepts like the relationship between time speed and distance.