How would it be possible to use artificial intelligence in traffic? This team proposes to use a sensor that makes a robot to follow the line.

Robotics can be used in all lessons. The idea for this tutorial video came after the discussion about the future of artificial intelligence. Discussion is a wonderful way to solve different problems during lessons. Robotics can take discussion one step further by providing a real life opportunity to test different ideas.

EV3 robot is a learning tool with endless opportunities and well elaborated learning materials. More than thirty EV3 coding activities can be found here: Real life activities with EV3 are connected to STEM learning and together with real life problems they provide students with an opportunity to perceive the complexity of the world.

During playful learning activities students acquire wide-ranging learning skills (problem solving, planning, tracking cause and effect, collaborating etc) and skills of creating algorithms as well as knowledge of coding.

EV3 uses both block programming and Python programming for advanced learners.