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Assembling Poppy Ergo Jr

Poppy Ergo Jr is a small robotic arm with a great educational potential. For this reason we want to show you, how to go through the first stage of using it – assembling. Of course, you can find assembling instruction online, but the process is quite complex and not always intuitive, therefore we decided to record this movie. Enjoy!


Coding with Airblock

Introductory tutorial to the Airblock robot drone designed by the Makeblock company and supported by the mBlock coding platform.

You will find here the implementation of a simple code, which can be used even during first lessons with kids starting their adventure with coding.

The drone starts to fly, does simple figures in the air and lands.

Important! For this exercise you’ll need rather high room and some space outside during the windless day. And never forget to add landing command to your code! If you do, it can fall down too quickly and fall apart.