Marty the Robot

Working with Marty the robot can be a great adventure. It starts very easily, even if you buy the kit for assembling or if you decide to print some parts on your own. There’s a very clear and helpful guide, how to assemble Marty.

However, the next steps: connecting to WiFi, calibrating and connecting to Scratch platform, can be more challenging in some cases. Even if there’s still a quite clear tutorial online, Marty not always responds as he is supposed to.

For this reason we decided to record this tutorial and to show you the whole process with some difficulties to overcome.


Teaching physics with mBot

An example of a lesson, which can be introduced to primary school students.

In this tutorial, we show, how to use mBot robot during maths of physics lesson as a tool for explaining such physical terms as “speed”, “time”, “distance” and their relationships.

We present the basic code and a way of changing values of speed or time and comparing the results.