Thymio 2

Thymio 2

Thymio 2

Thymio is an open source robot to assist the teacher in the digital education era. Thymio is a small robot which will allow you to discover the universe of robotics and learn a robot’s language.

You will be able to program it and carry out numerous experiments. With Thymio, the basics of robotics and programming become notions everyone can discover, whatever their age.


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General decription:

Approximately 220 € per item.

Not specified

Not specified

Website is user friendly and easy to navigate.

Info for teachers:

Age 6+

3D printed accessories, remote control, posters, teachers guide (PDF), reference card VPL, tutorial VPL, challenge pack, paper craft

Math, arts and crafts, science, physics

Visual programming language (VPL), blockly, Scratch, text programming Aseba

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