Zowi is an engaging toy which will help children discover how technology works.


Official website:


General decription:

There’s a site with discovery projects with challenging activities for kids: http://zowi.bq.com/en/category/projects 

80 Euro per item

Zowi has three preloaded modes: walking/avoiding obstacles, dancing and responding to touches on the head and nearby sounds.

Can be customized in a thousand different ways with downloadable cutouts, and if you have access to a 3D printer, you can print new casings to give Zowi a new look.


Info for teachers:

Learning occurs in a contextualised way: by programming Zowi children learn the logical connection between code and action, and by disassembling it they understand how its components, and electronics, work. It is also the ideal companion for developing STEAM skills. Via the projects, children exercise mathematical thinking, reinforce their technological and physical knowledge and enhance abilities such as problem solving and creativity. Through play and experimentation children can learn about this technological product in a fun and educational way.

Age 7+

Only basic introduction to Zowi at http://zowi.bq.com/en/parents-teachers

It can be programmed with Bitbloq – a programming tool that’s simple to use. It lets you create your own tunes or program Zowi to react to sound. You can also add new sensors to it and program them via Bitbloq.

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