Tinkerbots is a whole world of robotics for kids. Construction kits, coding for kids apps & robots and stem toys that let your Arduino projects come to life. They are completely LEGO compatible.


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Tinkerbots World app to be downloaded from AppStore or Google Play.

Apps available on: https://www.tinkerbots.com/support/download/

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  • $149.00 for my first robot
  • $229.00 for robotics starter set
  • $279.00 for advanced robotics set
  • $399.00 for mega robotics set

My First Robot Kit includes a Powerbrain – the brain of your robot send all energy and data – a double motor module for extra speed and super quick moves, two brick adapters to combine your Tinkerbots with LEGO® or other building systems and various bricks to give your candy-inventor their special personality. The Powerbrain contains a Lithium Ion battery which fully recharges within an hour for many hours of playtime.

Info for teachers:

Age 6+

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Arduino Specials sets let children as young as six years old experience the wonder of building their own robot and programming it through the app, by recording a motion or even in C coding language through the open source platform Arduino.

Block programming and Arduino language programming.

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