Sparki makes programming simple to learn with its block-based programming software. Drag and drop colorful blocks to create simple programs that have Sparki beeping and moving in no time. ‘Real’ code generates side-by-side, so you can easily make the transition.


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100+ Free lessons. All the educator-written lessons are free, available to view before you buy and licensed in an educator-focused and remix-friendly Creative Commons license. Copy, print and email everything.  No subscriptions to sign up for, extra books to buy, accounts to sign up for, or apps to pay for.

Science – Technology – Engineering – Mathematics, English language

Block-Based or C/C++

Primary school – Secondary school – High school, University; Age 8+

Learn C/C++ Code in Highschool. Learn to code with a “real” programming language. Sparki makes it easy with tons of samples code and lessons, using fun activities like drawing, music-making, maze-finding and simulated household chores.

University and up Arduino and More. Sparki has a suite of advanced sensors, precision motors, and uses Arduino, widely accepted in industry as the prototyping platform. 16 expansion ports make sure that what few things Sparki doesn’t do already, you can easily add.

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