Poppy Humanoid

Poppy Humanoid is an open-source robot (both hardware and software), using 3D printed parts and Dynamixel servomotors, known for their reliability.


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6 459 EUR per item

Poppy tools are designed to be modular, easy to use, and easy to integrate – providing a set of building blocks that can be easily assembled and reconfigured.

The Poppy project is a community-centered robotic project. It targets the needs of a multidisciplinary community where researchers, teachers, artists, and robotic enthusiasts can share their work and ideas.


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Poppy Humanoid has already been adopted by many schools and universities that use it as an exploration and research platform.

Dedicated platform for educational use of Poppy (in French) https://www.poppy-education.org/

Manual of the Poppy Project covers everything from the short overview of what is possible within the project to the details on how you can build a Poppy robot or reproduce one of the pedagogical activity https://docs.poppy-project.org/en/

An ideal medium to learn science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Programming can be done with Snap (for beginners) and Python.

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