Photon is a robot that “develops with the child”. As the child starts to take on the tasks and experiments within the apps, the robot absorbs knowledge and develops new abilities.


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  • The apps are free.
  • The dongle (USB) is € 19,90
  • Price: € 219,90 (free shipping in EU-countries)

Apps available on Google Play and AppStore.

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Info for teachers:

  • Age 4+
  • Beginners – intermediate level

When the robot is unboxed it doesn’t know anything, but as the child starts to take on the tasks and experiments within the apps, it absorbs knowledge and develops new abilities. And so does the child. When all challenges are completed the child knows the basics of programming.

  • The YouTube channel has tutorials mostly in Polish.
  • The Photon EDU-app offers support for teachers.
  • There is also an educational mat (additional, € 49,90), stickers (€ 3,90), flashcards (€11,90).
  • Available in English, German, Polish, Spanish, Swedish, French and Czech.
  • The Photon Robot application uses the Amazon Polly text-to-speech system, thanks to which it is able to read the instructions contained in the application in 47 voices and 24 languages.

Geography, science (nature), math, physics.

With the app Photon EDU you can conduct classes based on dedicated scenarios.

Photon can be programmed through four different apps:

  1. Photon Draw (age 5+) – Programming by drawing
  2. Photon Badge (age 6+) – Programming by creating a sequence of symbols
  3. Photon Blocks (age 7+) – Programming by connecting
  4. Photon Code (age 10+) – Sequence creation similar to programming in complicated programming languages.

With the app Photon Bridge, together with the Photon USB dongle, it is possible to connect to computers and 8 robots simultaneously. With the dongle it is also possible to connect with coding apps like Scratch, MakeCode and JavaScript.

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