This is a stationary robotic arm that mimics many features of those mechanic arm robots used in the industrial world.

With Orion5 one gets a robot capable of doing various repeating tasks using its grip claw.  For example, moving objects from and to specific places.


Official website:



Other online channels:

General decription:

Website is quite easy to navigate.
Their software located at GitHub might be difficult to set up for those who have no experience with GitHub type of software installations.

Because this robot doesn’t use block programming it might require somewhat more time to get used to coding both for teachers and students.

Orion5 can be transformed from a stationary robot to a mobile version if combined with another robot (Proteus) which is also made by RAWrobotics

Robot for sale at company online webshop for 550$ inc. VAT.

PS! Shipping within Australia only. Need to contact the company and make some special agreement to get this robot sent outside of Australia.

Software is open source and free of charge.

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Info for teachers:

  • Basics coding from age 11-12
  • More advanced coding level from age 13+
  • Intermediate, advanced level

Video tutorials x3 in English.

Web-based simulation and programming environment in English and compatible with all operative systems capable of running a modern up to date web browser.

Math, science, motion physics

  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • C/C++.

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