It’s fast. It’s fun. It’s app-enabled. Get in the driver’s seat with Ollie and command this app-enabled racing robot to execute tricks and dominate every inch of turf, trail, and track.


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General decription:

The Ollie app is used to control Ollie without programming. 
The Sphero Edu app is used for programming Ollie.

It´s connected to Sphero Edu.

Now it costs $79,99. That´s on the official Sphero website. 
On Amazon you can buy it for lowest of $ 53,99.

Ollie can make up to 100 tricks and can be used outside.

Materials in Polish:


Materials in Estonian:

Info for teachers:

Grades K-2, Grades 3-5, middle school, or high school

Sphero has expanded Lightning Lab. Teachers can create an account for themselves and their students.  Through this account, teachers can send assignments to students digitally. (I couldn´t find the app, maybe it´s not available in Iceland?)

https://www.sphero.com/education/professional-learning-and-resources/ is a website to introduce Sphero robots for teachers.

With various kind of lessons you can use Ollie in almost every subject.

In an educational environment, subject matter such as sight words, colors, vocabulary words, and math facts can be placed on the floor.  Then, teachers can give students definitions, words, or numbers and students use a device to roll the robots to the specific word or number.  This is a fun, simple way to review material.

In the Edu Sphero app uses Scratch blocks or you can write your own JavaScript text programs.

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