Mio the robot 2.0 (Clementoni)

Mio is an inexpensive and fun STEM robot made by Clementoni an Italian company that makes a lot of robots and other teaching toys that are classified as STEM  products.


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General decription:

When Mio arrives you start by assembling it from pieces learning as you build how all the parts work together to make a functioning robot.

Sometimes using software to program a robot is much easier than trying to do these calculations and estimations in your head. With Mio the robot you have to visualize the command sequences needed before you enter them by hand on the buttons at the back of the robot. This shows the pupils that some things can be programmed even if there are no way to do this using a computer, tablet or phone.


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This robot may be found in ordinary department stores and the price there might be between 25-40 €.

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Info for teachers:

From age 6 and up

There are some good user made youtube videos showing creative ways to program the robot and how to make use of its accessories like the arm with a magnet and the arm that can hold a pen. Youtube videos showing Mio the robot can be found in a variety of languages like english, italian and portuguese.


Math, motion physics, art  

No software programming used. This robot is programmed by pushing buttons that are attached to the robot itself.  

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