Mini Bots

The Mini Bots have their own special approach to robots and make it easy for children to discover this special world. The clever robot models can follow lines and avoid hindrances. Five nimble action robots can be made from actuators and sensors, such as IR trail sensor and push buttons.


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General decription:

Approximately £100 in Amazon per item.

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Key Learning Objectives:

  • From electronics to robotics!
  • Understand the focal points controlling and rules
  • Use the ROBOTICS module and its set programs to activate 5 agile driving robots
  • How actuators and sensors work 
  • Deepen and practice project and group work

Info for teachers:

Primary level, Secondary level, Study / vocational school

Fischertechnik learning materials support in teaching technical concepts of science, engineering and physics in a practical way and introducing them to your secondary school and college students or your apprentices.

The Mini Bots program is saved to the ROBOTICS module and can be easily chosen using the DIP switch.

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