Develops Cognitive Abilities, Imagination, And Coding Skills Through Hands-on Play. For kids aged 4-9.


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  • Starter set for $179
  • Pro set for $230  

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A hands-on Coding Robot for kids aged 4-9. For primary schools.

The kids can code just by playing. No need for a screen, a keyboard or literacy. Kids can program a robot, create music and art. With simple logical games, plus a robot to make it fun and give instant feedback, coding is not necessary to be difficult. 

Kids use their imagination to create infinite possibilities using coding blocks, by controlling a robot car through coding algorithms. 

With the Starter Set, kids tell MatataBot to move forward, backward, left and right. By doing these, kids could practice logical thinking, sequencing, and fundamental coding concept.

The skills developed thanks to the robot

  • Play Adventure games
  • Compose creative music
  • Draw digital art
  • Practice logical thinking
  • Sequencing
  • Fundamental coding concept

It is a block-based visual programming language and text-based language.

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