Play and robotics have shown great potential to help children with special needs in learning. Being both attractive and predictable, Leka makes it easier to keep each child engaged and motivated. You have to join the Alpha program on the home page to get started.


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There are apps for mobile devices.

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Leka costs $490 through its Indiegogo campaign. A limited number of buyers can snag the toy for $390.

Relaxing colours, soothing movements and vibrations, sounds. Leka offers a full range of sensory stimulations, able to spark curiosity, enjoyment and encourage social interaction. Leka can thus mediate the relationship between the child and the adult.

As I work with young children with autism, I find the Leka robot very interesting to evaluate the sensorial specificities of every child and serve as a springboard to approach gestures of everyday life and develop communication and social skills.


Info for teachers:

For exceptional children with exceptional needs – children with special needs. Leka Alpha is used daily in about 30 organizations – special schools, nurseries, hospitals, universities.

This device is more like a robotic companion than a typical toy. It uses lights to deliver a variety of emotions as well as create fun interactive games. Leka inspires kids to move and learn and have fun doing it. In fact, the toy is designed for kids with special needs.

Leka encourages social interaction with each stage more progressive than the last. In addition, Leka works with an app so the possibilities for learning are endless. Your little one can use the multi-colored lights to find similar colors. In addition, the screen on the front can show images and Leka can speak the words. The screen can also transform into a face and showcase dozens and dozens of relatable images. Finally, with lights, sounds, and vibrations, your child can experience sensory exploration on a secure and comforting level.

Leka is a smart toy designed specifically for children with developmental disorders. It helps them learn through play and interactions. Leka has multiple sensors to detect and respond to your child’s interactions autonomously.

With Leka, you can work on social skills, gross and fine motor skills or cognitive abilities.

Leka is controlled with an app on iPad.

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