A playful humanoid that serves as a social companion, educator and a safety monitor for children, but also elder adults.


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Twitter and Instagram: use #avatarmind or #iPal for pictures and videos of the humanoid robot.

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  • $2499 for the standard version of iPal.
  • $4999 for customized business versions.

Info for teachers:

From age 4 (kindergarten) up to age 12 within education. (iPal can also be used in elderly care.)

No additional teaching materials, everything is provided by the apps that are downloadable for Android tablets and smart phones. There is also desktop computer software for eg. monitoring the child’s progress.

As for now, the iPal humanoid robot only supports English and Chinese language setup. That goes for the app menus and voice functions.

Languages, PE, music.
STEM education (science, technology, engineering and mathematics)

Block-coding using the app iPal Programmer.
Simple commands as navigation, facial expressions and speaking through the AvatarMind app.

iPal only runs through Android apps.

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