Dash and dot

Dash and Dot are robots that can sense, act and think! … Maker materials can be added such as lego, tape, cardboard and more to transform your robots! Dash and dot also have educational accessories that can be purchased to support art, music and engineering.


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General decription:

There are several apps available on the website: https://home.makewonder.com/apps

There are also dedicated apps for Android and IOS.

There are competitions like this one organised: https://www.makewonder.com/classroom/robotics-competition/

From $150  per set including: 

  • 1 – Dash robot
  • 1 – USB Charging Cord
  • 2 – Building Brick Connectors

Info for teachers:

For the age range (6-12) Dash and Dot create amazing engagement with children, delivering strong lessons in logical progression and problem-solving.

All the materials come with the apps you choose to work with. The possibilities are almost endless, a lot of teaching ideas for almost all the subjects.

You can get a lot of accessories that go whit Dash and Dot: https://www.amazon.co.uk/stores/page/22B6C160-760F-4934-A5E5-FA676AA49356?ingress=2&visitId=8b9ce699-3302-4c8d-a41c-a9666ddd85a1&ref_=bl_dp_s_web_11656503031


Materials in the English language:


Materials in the Icelandic language:


Materials in the Estonian language:


Materials in the Swedish language:


Materials in the Polish language:


Materials in the Italian language:

Encourage students to continue building critical thinking, creativity, communication, and collaboration skills for tomorrow’s job market.

The durable and child-friendly robots are a safe and easy way to encourage STEAM learning in your classroom.

Dash and Dot are robots that can sense, act and think! Students use block coding on four different iPad apps to control their robots. 

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