Cyber Robot

An incredible robot for children to assemble equipped with a Bluetooth module and an impressive 5 game modes!


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Clementoni App for tablets and smartphones for programming the robot’s movements, light effects and sound effects can be found in both the App Store and Google Play store.

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50 Euros per item

Clementoni is an Italian company that makes and sells various robots that are adapted for primary school children and kindergarten.

The robots are programmable and most of them have parts that can be built and reconstructed to learn about how the mechanics of it all works.

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Age 8+

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The Clementoni robots have academic classification STEM: Science Technology Engineering Mathematics. This means that the product has weight on the learning of technology, and in this case robotics.

You will be able to display a simulation of the programmed command as it is being executed on your device and to control the robot in real time, as if you were using a remote controller.

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