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Codey Rocky

Smart Robot for Beginner Coding and AI Learning. It consists of two parts:
Codey “the brain” and Rocky “the moving part”.


Official website:


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General decription:

Equipped with over 10 electronic modules, including a sound sensor, a light sensor and an LED dot matrix display, Codey Rocky is a treasure trove of fun that plays music, follows light, mimics facial expressions and many more with easy coding, empowering children with the skills to turn their imagination into reality and experience the delight out of their achievement.

Codey is  the part that gets programmed and Rocky is the moving part of the robot  and looks like a bandwagon, Codey can be attached to Rocky in order to make the robot mobile.

This robot is not just a simple toy, it comes with  built in AI function and features like face, voice and written word recognition and the robot is capable of deep learning.

Transferring code written on computers or tablets/smartphones is done using bluetooth and when using a computer one have to buy separate a specific bluetooth dongle. It don’t work with a computers own built in bluetooth unit.


Product info in Swedish

Materials in Polish

Materials in Italian:

Materials in Estonian:

Makeblock – a standard app for controlling and programming Makeblock robots

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$99 per item

Info for teachers:

Age 6+

Codey Rocky comes with learning resources and tutorials supporting children to program every step of the way. It also benefits from copious references, constantly updated tutorials, and creative projects, inspiring children with imagination and creativity. For more professional and systematic guidance on programming, free PBL (problem-based learning) programming lessons are additionally available to our users.

Makeblockś  support page have some detailed guides (in English) on how to code and how to set up and use the  hardware. The guidance in programming is both aimed at beginners and for more advanced coding.

And then there are: witch is dedicated to teach teachers and students how to use and code Makeblock robots.

On Youtube there are video tutorials made by Makeblock themselves and by Codey Rocky users. Some examples:

PS! on Youtube there are also presentations and guides in other languages than just English. Well worth searching.

Through games and application, children will be able to learn about the logical thinking and principles behind AI as well as how to interact with machines, which are all essential as they prepare for the arrival of the age of AI. Math, science, motion physics are the most important here too.

Codey Rocky uses mBlock software which supports both blocked-based (scratch) and Python programming. Harnessing the power of mBlock software, Codey Rocky allows children to create dot matrix animations, design games and realize AI and IoT applications.

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