Bell Robot Kit

Bell is an educational robot kit equipped with a full range of unique and comprehensive concepts aimed at developing and nurturing an interest in robotics, computer science and engineering.


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General decription:

Bell can be controlled remotely using the mobile app available both on the Android and Apple store. Bell’s mobile app has gravity mode, draw line mode and rocker mode.

You can Download the Bell Controller APP from here:

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£59.99 per item

Simplified and quick assembly program because of the various integrated components, which saves you time.

The whole assembly process of Bell is super quick and it takes approximately 10 minutes.

Info for teachers:

Primary school, Age 10+

You can download the Manuals from here:

In addition there is a series of video tutorials on:

  • What’s inside the box of Bell Robot Kit?
  • How to assemble the robot
  • How to control it with mobile app
  • LED Dot Matrix with Bell Robot
  • Buzzer Lesson
  • RGB Lights Lesson
  • IR Remote Control
  • Tracking Lesson
  • Measure the distance with Bell Robot

Bell teaches the user foundations and principles of robotics, computer science and engineering through its active involvement in learning approach.

Helps in teaching STEAM subjects:  Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics.

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